Consumer Information

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Water Heater Resources and Information

Is it time to pull the plug on your water heater?  Click here to find out.
Click here for the Pull the Plug on electric water heaters brochure and save money with propane
Please click here for the Ultimate Guide to Tankless Water Heaters



Propane Vs. Electric Heat

Click here to see how propane consistently outperforms electric for space heat

Propane Powered Lawnmowers

Click here to see how Propane makes the case for Propane Mowers
Click here for a complete listing of commercial landscape resources

Resources for Severe Weather Events

Please click here for information on propane safety during winter storms
Please click here for safety information to help you before, during and after severe flooding

Michigan Public Service Commission - Residental Heating Oil & Propane Prices

Please click here for more information.

Tax Incentives & Rebates Available

Please click here for more information about incentives for propane powered vehicles.
Please click here for more information about incentives for agriculture.
Please click here for more information about incentives for home owners.

Propane Cylinder Recycling

Please click here for more information.

Consumer Safety

Please click here for more information.

Low Income Heating Assistance

Energy assistance is available to low-income households.  Simply click here for more information. 

Or click here to visit the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm, a group whose purpose is to provide resources for energy needs to low-income households in Michigan. 

You can also save on your energy bills by setting up an energy budgeting
plan. Contact your propane supplier for a variety of options to keep
your energy prices low and manageable.


Container Safety Law

The Michigan Container Law states that wholesaler or retail propane marketer cannot fill or refill a propane container that is not their container without the permission of the owner in writing.  The purpose then and now is safety of the home owner and a reduced liability exposure to the propane marketer. 

Among the most important missions to the MPGA is the promotion of safety to the propane industry and public.  To continue the safety and integrity of our industry, the MPGA recommended the Container Safety Law be updated to conform to the current practices of the NFPA 58 and federal regulations.  Because of the potential danger, the MPGA recommended a stiffer penalty.  The penalty for violating the Container Safety Law is a misdemeanor that carries with it a fine of $2000 per violation.